Artist videos, reviews and demos for every Supro product.

Building Jazz Tones with the Royale 1x12 | Supro Tone Recipe

What better way to highlight an amp’s clean tone than with some atmospheric jazz? Check out this tone recipe from Guillaume Muschalle on the Royale 1×12 featuring some expansive echo from a UniversaAudio Starlight Echo Station and some semi-hollow warmth from the D’Angelico Excel SS Soho.

Building a Battery Powered Guitar Pedalboard with Ollie Loops

Building a Battery Powered Guitar Pedalboard with Ollie Loops.

Mike Cole Reviews the Amulet

Watch Mike Cole’s review of the Amulet.

Sean Daniel Reviews the Amulet

Watch Sean Daniel’s review of Amulet.

The Rock Lab reviews Delta King 12

Watch this awesome Delta King 12 review from our friends in Mexico, The Rock Lab.

Jack Fossett's One Year Review of the Delta King 12

Jack Fossett reviews the Delta King 12 after one year, using a D’Angelico Excel SS Tour and a Fender Telecaster.

Building an Alt-Punk Tone with the Supro Amulet | Supro Tone Recipe

In this tone recipe, Luke Villegas shows you how to get an alt-punk tone using just our Amulet’s 5-watt setting before adding in some Pigtronix fuzz and boost.

Phillip McKnight Reviews the Amulet

Watch Phillip McKnight review the Amulet.

Guitar Bonedo Reviews the Royale 2x12

Watch Guitar Bonedo’s review of the Royale 2×12.

Eric Haugen Reviews the Amulet

Watch Eric Haugen’s review of the Amulet.

Analog Tremolo and Spring Reverb on the Amulet

Watch as Sara L’Abriola explores the Amulet’s on-board tremolo and spring reverb.

Creating a Perfect Modern Blues Tone ft. the Delta King 12 | Supro Tone Recipe

In this tone recipe, Rock Choi is using Delta King 12 to dial into a modern blues tone with some added spice from a D’Angelico Deluxe SS Baritone and a Pigtronix Disnortion.

Introducing the Royale Head & Extension Cabinet

Official product demo.

Amulet Demo with Sara L'Abriola

Official product demo.

Design and Development: The Making of the Amulet

Supro CTO Dave Koltai talks about the inspiration behind the development of our new variable power amp, the Amulet, and how its many features work.

Jack Fossett's 5 Great Supro Royale Tones

Check out Jack Fossett’s 5 favorite tones on the Supro Royale.

Pedal Empire Reviews the Supro Chorus

Pedal Empire reviews the Supro Chorus.

Eric Haugen Plays 'Georgia on My Mind' on a '64 Super

Eric Haugen plays ‘Georgia on My Mind’ on a ’64 Super

Design and Development: The Making of the Royale

Supro CTO Dave Koltai walks you through the story of the Royale’s initial development and how its many features work. Afterwards, we headed to Brooklyn and recorded an original track featuring exclusively guitar tones only created with the Royale.

Perfect 90s Alt Rock Tone ft. the Black Magick Reverb | Supro Tone Recipe

Take a trip with Zach Comtois to the 90’s as he shows you how to achieve an awesome 90’s inspired alt rock tone using our Black Magick Reverb.

The Ultimate Lo-Fi Guitar Tone ft. the Royale and Supro Chorus | Supro Tone Recipe

Dotan Bergman breaks down how to achieve a quintessential lo-fi guitar tone using our Royale and Chorus.

Budda Guedes reviews the Black Magick Reverb

Budda Guedes reviews the Black Magick Reverb.

Rhys Gilchrist jams with the Supro Chorus

Darrell Braun Reviews the Royale 1x12

Follow along as Darrell takes an in-depth look at the beautiful Supro Royale.

Stompbox Breakdown Reviews the Supro Tremolo

“Tremolo is one of those effects I never reach for right off the bat, but never regret having on my board. I was clued off to something interesting in the Supro Tremolo, so I chased one down and saw what I could do with it. Turns out the answer is a lot.”

Distinctive Guitar Demos the Supro Royale

“This week we get a little spacey with Death By Audio’s Interstellar Overdriver and the Chase Bliss Dark World Reverb. This Drive/Delay combo sounds perfect with a sleek Tuxedo Black Lockhorn Marquette and the all new Supro Royale Combo.”

Premier Guitar First Look: Supro Royale 1x12 Review

Power to do damage, headroom for days, and class A/AB switching that transforms tone.

Harry and a Guitar Reviews the Supro Flanger

Watch Harry and a Guitar’s review of the Supro Flanger.

Budda Guedes Demos the Chorus vs Flanger

Watch Budda Guedes compare the Chorus and Flanger pedals.

Zeppelin Tones with a Black Magick Reverb

Watch Landon Bailey showcase Zeppelin tones with a Black Magick Reverb.

Jack Fossett Reviews the Delta King 12

Watch Jack Fossett demo the Delta King 12.

The Keeley Custom 12 Perfect Pedal-Platform

Sweetwater’s Mitch Gallagher review his favorite pedal-platform setup.

Supro Tone Recipe: Black Magick Reverb + Hollowbody Guitar + Overdrive

Noé Socha channels some early blues tones with some help from a Black Magick Reverb, a hollowbody guitar, and a little bit of overdrive.

Supro Tone Recipe: Keeley 12 + Semi-Hollow + UA Golden Reverberator + Analog Vibrato

Noé Socha helps us show off the sweeter side of the Keeley 12 with a colorful tone filled with Chorus/Vibrato and a 50s style plate reverb.

Supro Tone Recipe: Royale + Telecaster + UA Starlight Echo + Analog Flanger

In this tone recipe, Noé Socha shows off the Royale’s clean tones with some good ol’ fashioned chicken pickin’ on a Telecaster.

Royale Demo with Eric Krasno

Legendary jam guitarist Eric Krasno walks us through the features on our new 50-watt combo, the Royale 1×12.

Supro Flanger Demo with Zach Comtois

Touring and session guitarist, Zach Comtois walks us through the new Supro Flanger pedal.

Delta King 8 | Living Room Gear Demos Review

Eirik from Living Room Gear Demos reviews the Delta King 8.

Andertons Demos the Delta Kings

Watch Andertons demo the Delta Kings.

Delta King 8, 10, and 12 | Andertons Music Co Review

Andertons review the Delta Kings.

'64 Reverb | Robert Baker Review

Robert Baker reviews the ’64 Reverb.

'64 Reverb | Supro Tone Recipe

Check out our latest Tone Recipe as Kirk pushes the ’64 Reverb’s Jensen C8R to a borderline fuzz tone with some added Delay.

'64 Super | Supro Tone Recipe

In this tone recipe, Eric McFadden is showing off the softer side of the ’64 Super with the help of some single-coils from his custom telecaster and some subtle spacey tremolo from a Pigtronix Moon Pool.

Delta King 12 | Supro Tone Recipe

For this tone recipe, Kirk has cooked up a surf rock tone drenched with analog spring reverb using his Delta King 12 and our Chorus pedal. Watch as he lets it rip.

Black Magick Combo | Supro Tone Recipe:

For our latest tone recipe, we’re getting bluesy with the Black Magick. Watch as Eric McFadden’s resonator guitar dances between gritty and acoustic tones, putting the amp’s touch sensitivity on display.

The Tone King Demos the Black Magick Combo vs. the Black Magick Reverb Combo

The Tone King compares the Black Magick Combo and the Black Magick Reverb Combo.

Delta King 8 | Supro Tone Recipe

For this tone recipe, we’re letting the Delta King 8 live up to its blues-inspired namesake. We’re cooking with some warm P90s, slide action, and even some blues tones from the future.

Delta King 8, 10, & 12 | Sweetwater Demo

Don Carr of Sweetwater puts three Delta King combo amplifiers to the test.

Keeley Custom 12: Design & Development

Robert Keeley and Supro CTO, Dave Koltai, discuss the magic behind the Keeley 12.

Keeley Custom 12 | JayLeonardJ Review

JayLeonardJ demos the new Keeley Custom 12.

Delta King 10 | Supro Tone Recipe with Eric McFadden

Renowned guitarist Eric McFadden riffs on the Delta King 10 in our very first Tone Recipe—part of our new series celebrating unique gear trios.

Black Magick | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Supro Chorus | Premier Guitar's 'First Look'

Premier Guitar’s ‘First Look’ at the new Supro Chorus.

Delta King 10 | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Supro Chorus | Living Room Gear Demos Review

Eirik from Living Room Gear Demos reviews the new Supro Chorus.

Delta King 12 | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Delta King 10 | Darrell Braun Review

Darrell Braun reviews the all new Delta King 10.

Supro Chorus | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Delta King 12 | R.J. Ronquillo Demo

R.J. Ronquillo demos the Delta King 12  combo amp.

'64 Reverb | Official Demo

Official product demo.

'64 Super Demo | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Black Magick Reverb | Sean Daniel Review

Sean Daniel demos the Black Magick Reverb.

Delta King 8 | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Black Magick Reverb | Sean Daniel Review

Keeley Custom 12 | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Black Magick Reverb | N Stuff Music Review

Listen to N Stuff Music demo the Black Magick Reverb

Black Magick Stack | Sweetwater Review

Supro’s Black Magick electric guitar amplifier head is engineered to replicate the sound of the highly customized Supro that Jimmy Page used to record much of the early Zeppelin guitar tracks.

Black Magick head | AstringsUK Demo

Adam takes a look at the Supro Black Magick Head and is joined by guitarist Owen Fear to give it some Led Zeppelin goodness!

Blues King 8 | Guitar Bonedo Demo

Guitar Bonedo plays through the Blues King 8.

Black Magick Reverb | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Blues King 10 | Rick Devita Demo

Resident Supro shred-master Rick Devita lays it down on the new Supro Blues King 10!

The Blues King 12 | Guitar Interactive Magazine Review

Sam Bell reviews the Supro Blues King 12. A combo amplifier that captures the vintage Supro amp tone that helped sculpt the sound of early electric Rock & Roll and the British Invasion of the 1960s.

Black Magick | Demo by Guns 'n' Roses Guitarist Richard Fortus

Guitarist Richard Fortus lays down some classic GnR riffs through his Supro Black Magick amplifier.

1605R Reverb | Guitar Gear Demos

Our friends at Guitar Gear Demos plays through the 1605R Reverb

Keeley Custom 10 | Official Demo

Official product demo.

Black Magick Reverb | Demo by Matt Smith

The Black Magick Reverb amplifier adds artist-requested features to the award-winning recreation of the vintage Supro amp loaned by Jimmy Page to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

Black Magick Reverb | Guitarist Demo

Guitarist Magazine plays through the Black Magick Reverb for a review in Issue 438

1605R Reverb | Demo by ProGuitarShopDemos

Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Next, we’re showcasing the Supro 1605R Reverb 1×8 combo. The Supro Reverb is a mean five-watt class-A rock machine that makes itself at home in both the stage and the recording studio, The Supro Reverb gives you a full complement of four tubes including two 12AX7 and one 6V6 output, along with a 12AT7 that drives a hearty reverb section that sounds just like the mojo-drenched spring tanks found on classic records.

Robert Keeley gives a rundown of the 1970RK Keeley Custom

In this video, we sit down with Robert Keeley, owner of Keeley Electronics, and co designer of the new Supro Keeley Custom 1970RK combo amplifier, to talk about its features and design backstory.

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