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Introducing Supro Custom Amplifiers—the most premium Supros to date, hand-built in the USA. Built around proprietary Mercury Magnetics transformers, vintage-correct Mallory capacitors, precision-matched Electro-Harmonix tubes, and Celestion speakers, the Delegate Custom 1x12 and Ambassador Custom 2x10 lead the way for a new chapter in the history of Supro amplifiers.

Design & Development

CTO Dave Koltai tells the story behind these featured-packed, premium amps.

Delegate Custom 1x12

Designed to provide the pinnacle of Supro tube amp tone, the Delegate is voiced to offer world-class touch sensitivity, exceptional midrange warmth, and visceral rock tones.

Ambassador Custom 2x10

Designed to reach new heights in the realm of high-headroom amplifiers, the Ambassador is voiced to offer enormous clean tone that only gives way to glorious overdrive at the highest volumes. Perfect for Funk, R&B, Soul, and Rock tones.

Tyler Bryant and the Delegate Custom

Tyler Bryant and the Delegate Custom

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