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Vintage Guitar reviews the Dual-Tone and Coronado

Vintage Guitar magazine has reviewed the Dual-Tone and Coronado.

“Even at higher volumes, both of these amps remained amazingly articulate. Their voice had punch but was still clear, and their tone had an edge but was still warm. Think Vibro-King. The net result is that you want to play these amps – and keep on playing them. We logged many an hour with them, and they proved rock-solid reliable, which can’t always be said for their vintage brethren.”

“Now brace yourself: these new Supros are arguably better amps than the ’64 originals. …the amps are affordable – especially given their specs and the Zinky pedigree. Finally, with their baby-blue rhino-hide tolex and silver grille facing, they just might be the coolest-looking amps out there. Whether you’re playing the blues in a juke joint, classic country in a roadhouse, or rock and roll in a club, these amps will get noticed, both for their style and their tone. Forget building that time  machine out in your garage. Go for the modern Supro time warp instead.”

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