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Total Guitar Coronado Review


Total Guitar got their hands on a Coronado and thoroughly enjoyed it, as evidenced in this September-issue review.

In their words:

“With a class A power stage pulling around 35 watts, the Coronado is very loud, with massive clean headroom. At higher volumes, you’ll hear the custom-made 10-inch Eminence speakers gently breaking up before the amp really begins to overdrive, in aggressive ‘tweed on steroids’ fashion. Played clean, you hear the guitar cut through a mix, and the valve-rectified dynamic response makes the Coronado a delight to play, especially with some valve tremolo. That clean headroom also makes this a first-class stompbox platform, and it sounds good with both digital effects and analogue gear.”

“With great tone and cool vintage looks, the Coronado makes a killer centrepiece for a modern guitar rig, or you can use it on its own for authentic vintage sounds—the tremolo is excellent, and teamed with the right guitar, it’s great for rockabilly and country as well as blues. It’s not cheap, but it’s made in the USA, and for our money that makes it one of the best-value boutique combos around today.”

Check out the full review here.

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