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Supro Hampton gets VG Approved

Vintage Guitar has given the Supro Hampton guitar their seal of approval in the magazine’s May 2017 issue.

Here are some highlights:

“All in all, the Hampton’s a supremely comfortable guitar.”

“a pro-level instrument… at a budget price.”

“The bridge pickup is wound hotter than the others and deals out twang that never ends. Hit the strings hard when the selector’s in the bridge position and you’re instantly transported back to a sock hop circa 1960 and the glory days of rock and roll.”

“Not only do the pickups sound vintage cool, they also boast modern amenities, such as low noise and little buzz.”

“The Hampton’s voice covers a lot of bases. In the neck position, the sound is wonderfully fat, providing warm, even jazzy tones. Switching to the middle, the sound truly sparkles – and if you dig in and play hard, you can unearth a funky spank. Go to the bridge, and you get that never-ending twang. The second and fourth positions offer more magic. Unreel compressed-sounding double-stops or 200-proof rock rhythm riffs that make it clear why Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys has long been a vintage Supro fan.”

“…a great all-rounder for the home, studio, or gigging.”

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