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Guitarist Magazine: "It’s great to have you back, Supro!”

Guitarist Magazine in the UK are celebrating the return of Supro in a great new review of the Coronado and Dual-Tone. Here are some highlights:

“The overall vibe blends retro cool and traditional styling with high build quality, and both amps should appeal to many mainstream players.”

“The Coronado is very loud and clean, retaining its clarity nearly all the way to full volume. The character is warm but with a distinct bite as you dig in; more ‘blackface’ than tweed, and ideal for blues, country and rockabilly, with fabulous touch-sensitivity due to the valve rectifier… With massive clean headroom, this is a perfect amp to run your outboard effects into—it looks damn cool, too!”

“The slightly overdriven sounds of the Dual-Tone are a real throwback to the 50s and 60s, with a fat, compressed clean sound and a seductive warm growl that turns into a progressively more aggressive grind as you take the volume controls past the halfway mark. It’s much easier to push into overdrive, and an altogether more forgiving amp to play.”

“Both amps are loud, with plenty of output power to suit any small to medium-sized gig… These new Supros look good, sound great and have excellent build quality. You might think they’re a bit pricey considering the lack of features and tonal range, but remember these amps are made in the USA, not the Far East. We think they’re good value for money and compare favourably with other USA boutique-style amps. Not just for retro tone lovers buying nostalgia, the Coronado makes a great centrepiece for a modern rig, while the Dual-Tone’s punchy dynamics and gritty overdrive really evoke the classic Chicago blues vibe. It’s great to have you back, Supro!”

Check out the accompanying play-through video!

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