Black Magick Cab 1x15

1x15 | Extension

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Use your head

The 1x15 Black Magick Extension cabinet was designed to match the Black Magick or Black Magick Reverb amplifier, in either head or combo format. The Black Magick Extension is a partially open-back, vintage-style 1x15 loaded with our custom BD15 high-power driver, offering the serious low-end punch and offering additional stage volume. It utilizes a specialty British cone, top-of-the-line suspension and an oversized ceramic magnet. With the 1x15” extension cabinet connected in addition to the combo’s 12” internal speaker, the Black Magick amplifier runs down at 4-ohms, developing maximum power from its Class A output section. The Black Magick Extension adds considerable versatility for larger stages and pedal-based rigs where maximum headroom is required.

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Custom BD12 Speaker

Our custom, high-power 12-inch BD12 speaker was designed to conjure the sound of Jimmy Page’s original Supro, featuring an oversized ceramic magnet, top of the line suspension and a special British cone.

Premium Look and Feel

Our custom Black Rhino Hide tolex with white welting and our Supro Silver/Black grill cloth with subtle sparkle for premium feel and lifelong durability.

Black Magick Extension Cab

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